PSRaily organizational values

1) Targeted think of the organization.
2) Honesty in the goals, methods and proceedings.
3) Valuing creativity and ideas and paving the way for research and innovation.
4) Cordiality between personnel and staff.
5) Providing the space of growth, efflorescence and progress.
6)Honesty between personnel and staff.
7) Determining professional ethics at work.
8) Respect to all staff and clients, ideally.
9) Suitable work environment and lack of harmful concerns for staff.
10) New and different look to the issues.
11) Customer-based thinking.
12) Deciding in a consultative way.
13) Responsibility of all staff.
14) Time-cost optimal performance.
15) Respect to activities and projects and output quality.
16) Positive and different management procedures.
17) Paying attention to details of projects, as well as their big picture.
18) The presence of Mr. Azari (most well-known person in Iran railway) in the young and creative team.
19) Paying attention to public engineering activities such as book publishing.