PSR-CAD Elements

The PSR-CAD™ system is composed from three main units:

  • PSR-CAD Windows Application:
  • Containing Graphical UI, Data Management Unit and Smart Decision Unit.

  • Autocad® .Net API:
  • Thanks to Autodesk’s new development environments, the .net programming is enabled and developers are provided with a wide range of Autudek built-in classes and features.

  • 3rd Party Deployment Unit:
  • This unit is designed to unify the two other elements and makes windows forms and controls accessible at Aurocad run-time.

System Configuration-01

Key Features


  • Graphical data input and dynamic 2D & 3D views. (AutoCAD Platform).
    • Thanks to AutoCAD strong capabilities, 2D and 3d view and design is supported by the software.
  • Multi-track support.
    • Using a flexible data structure and software design, it’s possible to design various railways containing multiple tracks, turn-outs and also junctions, even with different parameters.
  • Auto-Design
    • By defining tracks and specific features along the route (such as tunnels, bridges, etc.) the software provides an automatic design which may be developed by the expert user.
  • Detailed design maps and reports.
    • The capability of drawing attachment is included to support users with detailed maps for defined OCS elements and other parts. This service allows users to integrate the whole useful reports in single package and this way, prevents users to get confused between lot of drawings and different maps.
  • Dynamic material and part definitions.
    • Users are supported with a dynamic ocs elements data, in order to provide flexibility to any OCS project type. Users can define types of OCS elements and their usage conditions, dynamically.
    • Users can define categorized parts, materials, services  and their prices. This makes the possibility to estimate final costs of any composed OCS element.
  • Quantity survey and bill of materials reports with cost estimations in several or mixed currencies.
    • The software also provides detailed customizable bill of material for a specific design. To get an estimation of final cost, users can define and modify parts, materials and any probable service lists, and then, get the total cost for each item or part.
  • Auto sheet generation, with attached data table useful at the construction time.
    • To get clear and detailed reports, the software comes with some automatic sheet generation capability. This service lets users to take customized plan maps containing OCS design data which makes great helps at construction and installation time.