PSR-MOV Elements

The PSR-MOV™ system is composed from four main units:

  • Positioning system:
  • Online single positioning or real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS sattelite reciever system to provide precise spatial data of routes.

  • Media recording unit:
  • Up to 6 wide FHD/HD cameras providing multiple views in several optional directions. High frame-rate (up to 120fps) is supported.

  • Syncronization software system:
  • A software system to syncrinize GPS and video data recording which supports long-range video recordings. Also, this system supports image-processing operations to extract additional geometric data.

  • Output user interface:
  • A software system to maintain and visualize gathered multiple data types (media/spatial /non-spatial).

System Configuration-01

PSR-MOV Capabilities and Features

  • Wireless connectivity.
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  • Long-range data recordings (based on computer hardware system).
  • Up to 360⁰ coverage view angle.

Using multiple super wide-angle cams, 360⁰ view could be provided.

  • Geo-tagging on movie/map views.
  • Object and description tagging on movie and map.


  • Meteorological conditions data capture/view (environment temp., wind speed, etc.).
  • Special zones view (Earthquake zones, speed limitation zones, tunnels, etc.).
  • Plan and longitudinal profile view.
  • Additional design document attachments.
  • Compatible outputs with AutoCAD, Google earth, etc.
  • Dynamic project progress data view.
  • Extendable to any vehicle (Railway vehicles, road vehicles, boats, model planes, etc.).
  • Slow-motion recording (up to 120 frame per second).
  • High quality output (4K, FHD, HD qualities).
  • High quality digital zoom (up to 4x).
  • High quality photo capture on movies.