Corel Website Creator

This system is developed to capture and maintain multiple site data, like media data (video), spatial data and non-spatial data, in order to:

Corel Website Creator
  • Capture, process and view video and other spatial / non-spatial precise data synchronously.
  • Provide the possibility of data acquisition and process at office.
  • Make less site-visiting operations.
  • Make decrease in time and environmental pollutions.


Mixed Media / Spatial / Non-Spatial Data Store and Display

  • Mileage and Coordinates,
  • Stations,
  • Tracks,
  • Tunnels,
  • Turnouts, Depots,
  • Junctions, Over-Passes, Under-Passes,
  • Special Taks and Operation,
  • Water Sources,


  • Topographic Information,
  • Geological Information, (like soil quality, earthquake zone, etc.)
  • Meteorological Information, (like temperature, humidity, wind speed, ice condition, pollution, etc.)
  • Other custom categories and items.



  • Minimizes frequent time-consuming and costly site visit tasks.
  • Combines and provides geo-spatial data and video recordings in a user-friendly environment.
  • Provides multiple data-types review simultanously, like horizontal/vertical geometries, meteorological informations, etc.
  • Add AutoCAD Map ability to each part of movie
  • Increasing the ability to see up to 6 Facade