PSRaily Co. (Pooyesh Sanat Raily Company) was established in 2005 as a member of SHIBSHEKAN Holding Group. The main mission of the PSRaily Co. is to provide engineering, consultancy and trading services for Railway, Road and Airport related industries.

The highest value of PSRaily is the key personnel with more than 30 years of experience in Railway and other industries as well as qualified high- skilled young experts. Our company is proud to have cooperated with a number of local and international well-known companies including RAI (Iran national railway company), KORAIL (Korean national railway company), Tana Energy Co., Farab Co., Jyan Co., GTS (Golgohar mineral and industrial complex), SABA Co. PSRaily is the main railway consultant of Farab Company in Bafq-BandarAbbas project (613 km) and Golshahr-Hashtgerd extension of Tehran metro line (25 km).