Fleet and railway equipment are so complicated and buying these products is scientific and engineering process that must be done with consideration of the long-term interests of customers, according to this topic, PSRaily Co. with engineering view to this process and use experienced staff, technical and legal team service to client until operation and maintenance period.
According to PSRaily Co. several years cooperation with KORAIL (South Korea national railway) and current facility in this country this company is declaring to do services to clients.

Cooperation and advisory services in buying goods

• Coordinate visits, visa and career planning trip (transfer, translation, tickets, hotels, etc.)
• Set contract with consultancy of attorney with experience in purchase railway equipment
• Cooperation in contract negotiations for take the best possible terms from foreign suppliers
• Obtain necessary permits for selling goods to domestic buyers
• Assist in the professional inspection fleet and equipment to choose the best option
• Sealing fleet and purchased equipment and fix possible defects in the country of origin before shipment to Iran
• Packaging, transport to the port, loading and unloading and also monitors the relevant formalities to deliver the goods

Business services and clearance

• Convert to the country's currency and transfer money services
• Business Services, order entry, customs formalities, clearance and obtaining the relevant permits
• Domestic transportation fleet and other equipment and on-site delivery

After sale services

• Reconstruction and periodic maintenance of the fleet, machinery or equipment purchased
• Apply the necessary changes in the fleet according to the standards of Iranian Railways
• Visit and inspection of components before operation and take licensure
• Obtaining technical drawings and offer customers
• Obtain and provide maintenance instructions
• Effective participation of experts from the country of origin at the time of discharge, reconstruction, operation and periodic maintenance
• Supply of spare parts on the basis of a tripartite contract between the buyer, the foreign seller and Iran representative