PSRCAD Software

Designing and constructing an overhead contact line over designed railways, will require many softwares at each level. But, OCS design software and railway simulation software play more important role at the design time.

OCS design software, PSRCAD® is developed on the Golshahr-Hashtgerd electric railway project (2012-2014). The software is compatible with OCS design UIC standards and EN50119, EN50121, EN50122, EN50149 and all related standards.

PSRSiM Software

The PSRSiM software has been developed to simulate dynamics of trains. By this

Software, the rolling stock items and all train composition can be defined and modeled.

Further, the trains movements can be simulated on existing or assumed tracks and various movement parameters could be calculated.

PSRMOV Software

PSRMOV ™ solution is a combined hardware/software system to provide various railway or road data visualizations. This system is developed to produce and maintain multiple site data, like media data (video), spatial data and non‐spatial data,