PSRCAD Software

Designing and constructing an overhead contact line over designed railways, will require many softwares at each level. But, OCS design software and railway simulation software play more important role at the design time.

OCS design software, PSRCAD® is developed on the Golshahr-Hashtgerd electric railway project (2012-2014). The software is compatible with OCS design UIC standards and EN50119, EN50121, EN50122, EN50149 and all related standards.

Main Window

Key Features:
  • Graphical data input and dynamic 2D & 3D views. (AutoCAD Platform).
  • Multi-track support.
  • Auto-Design: By defining tracks and specific features along the route (such as tunnels, bridges, etc.) the softwareprovides an automatic design which may be developed by the expert user.
  • Detailed design maps and reports.
  • Dynamic material and part definitions.
  • Quantity survey and bill of materials reports with cost estimations in several or mixed currencies.
  • Auto sheet generation, with attached data table useful at the construction time.