PSRSiM Software

PSRSiM ™ solution is a software system to simulate train dynamics and operation plan.
The PSRSiM software has been developed to simulate dynamics of trains. By this software, the rolling stock items and all train composition can be defined and modeled.

Further, the trains movements can be simulated on existing or assumed tracks and various movement parameters could be calculated.

 PSRSiM Main Window

Key Features:

  • Defining the rolling stock items (locomotives, coaches and wagons, motorized wagons) using power and physical parameters.
  • Calculating resistance forces using sets of optional formulas.
  • Composing any assumed train using defined items, which can be used in each new or existing simulation project.
  • Defining and showing geometrical parameters of assumed routes, including vertical and horizontal geometries (slopes and curves), stations, tunnels & speed limit ranges.
  • General simulations of train dynamics, considering all possible stops along the route.
  • Custom simulation using optional conditions, which provides precise comparisons between various simulations.
  • Advanced operation graphcomposer tool, including praying time feature which is useful in Islamic regions.
  • Advanced locomotive sizing tool, to analyze and choose best locomotive technically.
  • Various dynamics output parameters such as speed, acceleration, time, position, fuel/energy consumption, etc.
  • Load and passenger capacity analysis.
  • Flexible and editable reports including charts and data tables to PDF, M.S.Excel and M.S.Word.