Construction Feasibility Study of Sanandaj Subway Between Imam Khomeini Square and Sanandaj Airport


• Increase number of public transport users share
• Not using of costly and temporary solutions
• Creating maximum capacity, taking into account all affecting factors

Impotrance of the issue:

Nowadays, the country's major cities like Sanandaj, confront to the increase in vehicle numbers and increase the migration of people to the cities, urban and trend of this growth goes up day by day.
In big cities limitations in the widening of streets and allocate space for public transport networks have always been major problems. The public transport systems have been studied at this studies and appropriate systems selected with considering to lowest destruction of housing, traffic forecasting the future, lowest destruction of nature, the highest capacity and economic studies.


• Survey the capacity and speed of urban transport systems
• Study of areas and high-traffic routes in the city of Sanandaj
• Offer the most appropriate solutions to the public transport system in the city of Sanandaj
• Conducting economic studies on Expressed Solutions