Construction Feasibility Study of Bashmaq – Soleimanieh Railway


• Survey in condition of roads between cities
• Familiarity and reviews based on geography and regional route
• Check the status of the existing topography of the natural terrain
• A preliminary study on the feasibility region in terms of the primary corridor for the passage and construction of railways
• Visual inspection of the facilities and transportation infrastructure around the area
• Exploring the possibility of investing in other things and services such as training, service, industrial, sports, culture, health ... etc.

Importance of the issue:

With regard to transport freight and passengers between the two countries of Iran and Iraq from the past to the present, Create the enabling environment and have easy to do and create jobs in the region seem necessary.
Therefore, this study aimed to initial impressions of the track has been done and also the possibility of making this line was carried out by experts of the company.


• Due to its geographical location and topography, and the track, railroad track geometric design problems could be solve by modifying the slope, tunnels, bridges, trenches. But preliminary data should be collected and processed.
• According to the survey reasonable amount of cargo and passenger from the border passes
• The calculation of economic feasibility of the project has been done