Feqasibility Study of Increasing the Capacity of Qom-Badrood Track


• Determine the capacity and the demand for rail transport in the Qom-Badroud route
• Offering suitable solutions to meet demand over the coming years
• Offering a good way to increase track capacity according to demand and financial assessment plan

Importance of the issue:

Rail track Qom - Badrod is one of the country's rail network bottlenecks, and also it’s junction between East and north routes, south and southeast routs of the country. Low capacity of transportation in this rout affect to whole railway network, so offering suitable solution that gives us highest capacity with the lowest cost is very important.
The remarkable thing is that this rout in terms of freight and passenger traffic is one of the most highly trafficked routes.


• Studies of technical, economic, social and environmental
• A new method in the decision to choose the best way to increase capacity
• Evaluation of different scenarios to increase capacity on the route Qom – Badroud
• Determining a suitable strategy to increase capacity on this route, considering to account economic
• Provide analysis of profit and loss for selected plan and take approval of the plan by the competent authorities