Feasibility Study of Increasing the Capacity of Cahadormalou – Ardakan Track


• Sufficient capacity Ardakan-Chadormalu rout over the coming years
• Survey strategies to increase the capacity of rout
• Selection of the optimal strategy and plan of technical and economic feasibility

Impotrance of the issue:

One way track of ARDAKAN-CHADORMALU due to connection to one of the biggest iron ore mine in IRAN and supply of raw materials for steel factories also export, is constantly faced with increasing transport demand.
Also according to the share of income Yazd region with 29% of the total income of the Iran railway (RAI), Yazd stand in first place of income in hole railway, so need greater use of the potential of this area.
Given that the railway is the main and appropriate way to transport minerals raw, it is necessary to increase the capacity of this line.


• Offering two new methods at making decision to choose the best solution in terms of technical and economic
• Evaluation of different scenarios to increase capacity on the route
• Determine the proper ways of increasing capacity in this rout, with attention to economic considerations
• Provide analysis of profit and loss for selected plan and take approval of the plan by the competent authorities