Quality Control of Maintenance Process of Passenger Cars Bearings


• Designing the quality control system of train bearings
• Implementing the quality control system of train bearings
• Wastage decrease, increasing the quality and reliability in train bearings

Importance of the issue:

• Increasing safety in passenger cars operation
• Decreasing the passenger cars stoppage on the way
• Decreasing cost of train delay and wastage


• Documenting of manual and implementing of quality control process and warranty services for more than 33,000 bearings
• Training the quality control experts (more than 40 experts)
• Creativity of the new control method by electronic and IT
• Create the 15 quality control station for bearings in maintenance workshop
• Designing and using the quality control software
• Decrease of bearings using about 30 billion IRI during 3 years
• Decreasing the wagon stoppage on the way (to zero) and wastage to 1/6