Evaluation and optimization of overlap length needed in railway lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran


• Study the overlapping nature and necessity of using that in railway routes and the current situation in the country
• Studying the overlap situation in different countries
• Determine appropriate strategies to apply the optimum overlap and feasibility of using optimal overlap in different lines of Iran
• Simulate the effects of overlap and make operational recommendations

Importance of the issue:

Due to the importance of overlap length in signaling systems in railway, training and research center of Iran railway defined a project under this title,
The main purposes of this project are optimizing of length of overlap in Iran railway and offer executive solutions


• Check the status of the entire network overlap in the country
• Comparison of effective and efficient use of overlapping in Iran and other countries
• Provide solutions to optimize the use of overlapping lines
• Provide simulation to show the optimized overlap effect in Iran network
• Providing Executive suggestions to optimize the use of overlap