Provide solutions to increase the share of rail transport in the transportation of petroleum products


• The status quo
• Forecast demand for rail transportation of petroleum products
• SWOT analysis and executable solutions


• Due to exposure our country in the strategic regional and there are oil-rich countries around the Country, also their tendency to achieve European markets, need to transport petroleum products within the country and transit goods is unavoidable.
• According to this, training and research center of Iran railway define a project to increase the share of railway from transport petroleum products and PSRaily Co. works as consultant for Iran railway


• Identification of the current situation in the country and to obtain a share of railway transport carrying petroleum products
• Identify all the major production and consumption centers in the country and identify ways of carrying now
• Compare the situation in Iran with 4 developed countries in terms of transportation of petroleum products
• Forecast demand for oil products transport in the country during next 10 years
• SWOT analysis for oil products transportation
• Offer executable solutions to increase share of railway in transportation of petroleum products