The Role of railways in North Railroad tourism development area


• Check the status quo and the rail industry, among other countries.
• Review the future status of tourism in the north.
• Proposals to increase rail's share of tourism in the northern region


• Tourism is now the world's third-largest world trade after the oil and automobile industry. This trade not • • only in earn money but in develop culture and communication is so important and also transport is one of main pillars in this trade.
• Among the various alternatives for passenger transportation, railroad because the price is cheap, safe, comfortable travel and has special importance.


• Study of five countries in terms of tourism and comparative with other country
• Review the current state of the railway and tourism in northern Iran
• SWOT review of rail tourism in the northern region
• Future status of railway transport in the northern region
• Offer strategies to expand and improve rail tourism industry
• Economic Evaluation of proposals