Inception Report and Traffic Study of Chabahar-Zahedan-Mashhad Railway


• Primary identifying of the route and infrastructure specifications
• Consideration of Chabahar port position
• Comparison of railway transportation with other transportation methods
• Primary traffic studies

Importance of the issue:

Eastern parts of the country, including the province of Sistan&Baluchestan and three provinces of Khorasan due to having 1705 km land border with Afghanistan and Pakistan, 922 km land border with Central Asia and direct access to the south open sea through the port of Chabahar, are taken into account as strategic and critical areas of the country in respect of different aspects such as trade and transit developing, political and security.
In this report the development of transport in the eastern parts of the country has been mentioned as a necessary infrastructure for the development of other sectors.


• Output of traffic studies
• Route specifications
• Existence documents and protocols